Cerberus: Lord of the Underworld Cerberus: Lord of the Underworld - Game
Become the three-headed dog Cerberus and consume the souls of the underworld. Grow huge, eat the meek, upgrade, burn, explode, sprint, cheat, shoot, smash, and unleash hell.
GRAIDKARUPACHI is a vertical arcade shmup with unique bosses, multiple ships, upgrades, and great music.


D&D Encounter Builder Encounter Builder - D&D Tool
Create a level-appropriate combat encounter by adding creatures from the compendium (or your own).
D&D Combat Tracker Combat Tracker - D&D Tool
Quickly track combatants and manage their attributes, conditions, and initiative on the fly. Save loadouts to quickly manage groups of PCs or NPCs.
D&D Cheap Miniatures Guide to Cheap Miniatures - D&D Article
A guide on creating your own effective minis from scratch; create 100 minis for around $15.
DM Lessons DM Lessons - D&D Article
Become a better DM with various tricks to make the job easier and the game more engaging for players.
Dice Roller Online Dice Roller - D&D Tool
Roll any sort of dice, including specialty rolls like brutal weapons or 4d6 drop the lowest. You can also make a group and share dice rolls with others (useful for online games)!
D&D Crib Sheet Crib Sheet - D&D Download
A quick reference sheet detailing modifiers, actions, benefits, conditions, and certain rules.
Reusable Status Markers Reusable Status Effect Markers - D&D Article
A guide on creating your own status markers for your miniatures. Track conditions, bonuses, height, zones, and more easily for about $10.


Textify - Convert text into whatever Textify - Apps
Convert text into whatever. Bubble text, upside-down text, 1337, Japanese characters, and more.
Lists of things Lists
Lists of all sorts of things. Cute/funny animals, cool lego builds, all in convenient list form.
Tiger in Space Screensaver Screensavers - Apps
So you can have your computer do something even when it isn't. Great for LCDs!

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23 Jul 2014: Have had a few people sign up for the alpha so far, but could always use more! You can sign up for the alpha here:

18 Jul 2014: Interested in checking out and helping playtest an early alpha of my next harvest/farming style game? Sign up here:

17 Jul 2014: Oh the feels...

16 Jul 2014: dog fell asleep like this

15 Jul 2014: In an alternate universe

14 Jul 2014: Just before a shark breaks the surface tension of the water

13 Jul 2014: ever seen a husky corgi mix?

12 Jul 2014: Let me show you this cool bike trick...

11 Jul 2014: Dog ate a bee

10 Jul 2014: The sky at the reds game last night was pretty intense

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