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Lisa Fidget, Female Dwarf

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Name: Lisa Fidget, Female Dwarf Wizard 6

Attributes: CR 6; Size M (4'0") Neutral Good; HD 6d4; hp 21; Init -1; Spd 20 ft.; AC 9; Melee +3, or Ranged +2; Grapple +3; Listen +1, Spot +1;
Str 11 (+0), Dex 8 (-1), Con 13 (+1), Int 16 (+3), Wis 12 (+1), Cha 13 (+1); Fort +2, Ref +2, Will +6.

Languages: Common, Dwarven, Elven, Undercommon, Ignan.

Trained Skills: Concentration (Con) +3, Craft (Int) +4, Decipher Script (Int) +6, Knowledge (Arcana) (Int) +6, Knowledge (Architecture) (Int) +7, Knowledge (Dungeoneering) (Int) +7, Knowledge (Geography) (Int) +6, Knowledge (History) (Int) +6, Knowledge (Local) (Int) +8, Knowledge (Nature) (Int) +6, Knowledge (Nobility) (Int) +7, Knowledge (Religion) (Int) +5, Knowledge (Planes) (Int) +6, Profession (Wis) +4, Spellcraft (Int) +5.

Possessions: 60000 cp.

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Spell DCs13141516171819

Personal [hide]

Description: She is renowned for her bright black dresses and hats. Her chestnut hair is slicked back into a classic pompadour. She has gleaming, smiling brown eyes.

Personality: She believes mankind has become decadent and spoiled by the march of civilization and an end should come to life as we know it. She will do just about anything if she becomes convinced it is for someone's true love, of this she is easily convinced.

History: Her arcane talent manifested at a young age. Aiming to upstage a rival house, her parents had her trained. Ostracized due to the arcane powers of her oldest sister, she and her siblings struck out on their own. In the process these unassuming Dwarves became a terror of the countryside. She ran away from her former home and has been making her living as a Bookbinder for the past few years.

Motivation: To settle down with her crush. And she would like to get married and retire.

Occupation: Bookbinder

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