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Attilio Nagel, Male Halfling

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Name: Attilio Nagel, Male Halfling Expert 12

Attributes: CR 12; Size S (3'0") Chaotic Good; HD 12d6; hp 47; Init +3; Spd 20 ft.; AC 14; Melee +11/+6, or Ranged +13/+8; Grapple +11; Listen +5, Spot +1;
Str 12 (+1), Dex 16 (+3), Con 11 (+0), Int 8 (-1), Wis 13 (+1), Cha 19 (+4); Fort +4, Ref +4, Will +9.

Languages: Common, Halfling.

Trained Skills: Appraise (Int) +4, Balance (Dex) +5, Bluff (Cha) +5, Climb (Str) +3, Craft (Int) +0, Decipher Script (Int) +2, Diplomacy (Cha) +8, Disable Device (Int) +3, Disguise (Cha) +9, Escape Artist (Dex) +5, Forgery (Int) +2, Gather Information (Cha) +6, Intimidate (Cha) +7, Jump (Str) +5, Knowledge (local) (Int) +1, Listen (Wis) +3, Move Silently (Dex) +5, Open Lock (Dex) +7, Perform (Cha) +6, Profession (Wis) +3, Search (Int) +5, Sense Motive (Wis) +3, Sleight of Hand (Dex) +4, Spot (Wis) +2, Swim (Str) +3, Tumble (Dex) +6, Use Magic Device (Cha) +7, Use Rope (Dex) +5.

Possessions: 100 pp. An abacus with copper, silver and gold markers (150 gp). A finely crafted rug of intricate, geometric designs worked with silver threading (60 gp). Gold music box (2000 gp). Silver comb with moonstones (700 gp). Sapphire pendant on gold chain (1800 gp). Brass mug with jade inlays (300 gp). Gold music box (2000 gp). Sapphire pendant on gold chain (1800 gp). 1 Minor magic item. 1 Minor magic item. 1 Minor magic item.

Personal [hide]

Description: 3'0" and muscular, this eastern man typically wears pastel cloth garments or leather armor. He keeps his long chestnut hair kept up in a rat tail. His otherwise smooth face is marked with small tiny scars.

Personality: A rambunctious noisy drunk he knows how to make people feel guilty. He is underhanded and not above using his wealth and body to get others to do his bidding.

History: Trained by his mother for as long as he can remember he had it drilled in his head that it was his duty to serve his country. Attilio abandoned his home at a very young age, living in the fields and plains. He survived everyday through hunting and stealing from passersby. He did whatever it took for him to survive. He became a plane-shifter, and is stopping over on this plane for a brief visit.

Motivation: He has a crush on the local Jeweler. And he wants nothing more than to rejoin the army.

Occupation: Bellfounder